Photo Credit: Tenement Museum Take a tour on May 28th @ 6:30 PM with the Tenement Museum! They’re offering a great deal for a tour of rooftops, vacant lots and warehouses, that New Yorkers are planting… Continue reading

A View From The Lunchroom

Students from different boroughs of the city gathered on 14st Union Square Park to discuss the issues that have affected their lives from Hurricane Sandy and gun violence. LeAp’s Public Art Program was… Continue reading

Campaign for Children Hosts Mayoral Form on Early Childhood and After-School Programs

The campaign for children hosted a mayoral form on early child education and after school systems on Tuesday May 22th at the New York Law School. Lisa Belkin of the Huffington Post moderated the candidates on their visions… Continue reading

Whole Foods Label Chicken Salad as VEGAN!

  Photo Credit: Flickr Whole Foods has about 330 stores in the U.S. and is known for selling a wide array of organic products. Labels on a chicken salad and those on a vegan… Continue reading

The Sleepover Chef

Meet Lele, a Neapolitan chef who just arrived in New York to share his love for good food. He is now looking for nice people to treat in exchange for a place to spend the… Continue reading

The Seed NYC: Vegan Expo 2013

This weekend, “The Seed”, invites vegetarians and vegans to enjoy a few days of networking and learning how helpful it is to eat healthier and help others who are interested in learning how they… Continue reading

Vegetarian Meals Over School’s Mystery Meat

Photo Credit: Kendall Rodriguez from the New York Daily News PS 244 located in Flushing, Queens became the first public school across the nation to start serving its kids vegetarian meals on Tuesday April… Continue reading

A Discussion about Borders, Law Enforcement and the Underworld of Globalization at John Jay

Former commissioner of U.S Customs and Border Protection, Alan Bersin, discussed with outsiders, students and faculty about, “Borders, Law Enforcement and the Underworld of Globalization”, at John Jay’s College of Criminal Justice in… Continue reading


“Good evening brothers and sisters, I am a Laborer!” was yelled into a mike yesterday. May 1st marked the beginning in change for immigrants who demand equality in political rights, workers’ rights protection and social… Continue reading

York College’s 4th Annual Student Research Day

Student Research Day is an exhibition of student research and creative efforts at York College. It’s a day when teachers and students present their ideas and the opportunities they got a chance to… Continue reading